Getting the Right Equipment to the Right People

Healthcare professionals and all frontline service industry personnel are at greater risk when not properly safeguarded with the right protective equipment, especially in an ongoing/post-pandemic world. With our growing network of factories, forwarders, and private charters, we’re able to bring you certifiably reliable PPE that’s affordable and accountable, door to door.

Prioritized Shipping

Global logistics are fluctuating every 24 hours. It is our mission to deliver as quickly & affordably as possible to flatten the curve.

Reliable Equipment

Our partners in manufacturing & distribution have FDA & CE credentials & products are made in accordance with industry standards.

Competitive Pricing

With strategic partners in procurement & logistics, our commitment to accessibility goes beyond quality of product.

How To Buy Personal Protective Equipment


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Worldwide Shipping

Our products have been delivered to small businesses, essential working professionals, & social distancing humans across the US & around the world.


The Pacer Company has quickly grown to become a medical supplies logistics and distribution company providing the procurement of reliable resources for those who are in need of personal protective equipment and medical materials during this time of coronavirus pandemic in an emergency response against COVID-19 (as of May 2020, we have shipped to the United States, Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, and the Philippines). Pre and post-pandemic, The Pacer Company continues to be a training and creative coaching consultancy based in Suzhou, China (with active partnerships in two US cities and newly established presence in Taipei, Taiwan).

For more information on Corona Virus in South Africa, click on the link.

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